$31k Will Buy You The 1952 Tullibardine Single Malt Whisky


Scotch makers Tullibardine have prepared a special treat for us, unveiling just a couple of weeks ago a stunning 1952 Custodian Whisky. This is not your average whisky, but one of the rarest and most expensive Single Malt whiskies in the world.

Tullibardine’s master distillers have created this Single Malt over six decades ago, and released it to the world only this year, that’s why this whisky is so amazing. To put things into perspective, please think about the fact that this whiskey has matured since the reign of King George VI, has seen through 12 British Prime Ministers, 12 US Presidents, the moon landings, Concorde and a new Millennium.


According to Matthew Johns, Tullibardine’s commercial director, this is the most exceptional Single Malt Whisky Tullibardine has ever created and who are we to argue with that? With only 70 bottles produced, the 1952 will be enjoyed only upon invitation.

Quality whisky comes at a price, £20,000 ($31,194) per bottle to be exact; 25 bottles of this beauty have already been reserved, each of them featuring a specially commissioned gold and crystal decanter Baccarat, inspired by the “Tullibardine Drop”. Every Custodian of the 1952 will also enjoy an exclusive membership card, created by Black Astrum.