An Unparalleled Flight Experience in Eithad’s Business Studios

With the most basic feature airliners offer being virtually the same all around (which is taking you from point A to point B via the air), these companies how to compete in other ways, especially for the customers with the deepest pockets. This is why Etihad Airways is introducing the new Business Studio on board Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The Business Studio will offer 20% more space than the current Business Class, with a 22-inch wide seat and separate ottoman creating a fully flat bed up to 80.5 inches long. There’s also ample space for a laptop on the side table, as well as a separate table for meals.

First and Business Class passengers on the A380 will also have the opportunity to relax in The Lobby, a lounge and bar area with an 18-inch touch screen TV with noise-cancelling headsets, a semi-circular sofa and a marquetry table – all in all, a perfect place to relax and socialize. In addition to all of this, the airline offers Wi-Fly connectivity, a special pneumatic comfort system that allows passengers to adjust the firmness of the seat, and even Food and Beverage Managers that guide travelers though the extensive menu options, for a truly unparalleled flight experience.

You can expect to find Business Studios on all new airplanes delivered to Etihad Airways, with the cost of travelling in such luxury expected to be three times higher than the usual First Class fare (about $21,000 from Abu Dhabi to London).