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Döttling Moves Away From Safety To Deliver A Premium Cigar Humidor

Döttling Cigar Humidor

We’re pretty sure you’ve all heard of Döttling already, a renowned company that has been always associated with luxurious safes meant to keep your precious treasures as far away from the wrong hands as possible. But the German company, which started off as a locksmith’s shop in Sindelfingen back in 1919, is nowadays introducing its very first desktop humidor and it’s surprisingly wonderful.

Crafted specially for safe locking and storing your finest cigars, using nothing but the finest materials, with expert craftsmanship and an incredible attention to detail, this luxurious Döttling humoidor shows off four removable trays, designed to store up to 50 cigars, instead of the common hinged flap lid.

Döttling Cigar Humidor

On the inside, Döttling went for solid Spanish cedar and exclusive LED lights to illuminate the cigars and tease your senses, but that’s not all this exquisite humidor has to offer. It also benefits from a hygrometer, barometer, and thermometer, each of them crafted from brushed stainless steel, with an impressive Cigerspa mechanism being also part of the offering.

On the outside, high-quality calf-skin, wood or a high gloss vanish are meant to attract your attention and make you wonder what’s what, and what’s even more interesting is that you could also store your favorite watch within this luxurious humidor. That’s really cool, right? The Döttling tabletop humidor will set you back exactly 12,000 Euros (USD $13,000).

Döttling Cigar Humidor


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