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Air Propulsion Yacht Concept by Aguila Design

A new innovative type of yacht, with revolutionary looks and features, Aguila Design’s Xi Yacht, is using brand new technology to assure its future owners with high speed, great steering and navigational maneuverability, easy controls, high payload and unusually great stability.

We can say about this UFO-looking masterpiece that it’s not been built on our planet, and, considering the full compatibility between its functionality and design, it is truly something meant to change the world of yachting. Overall, It may resist in any weather conditions, it’s highly controllable, its lines are looking great, from one piece of bodywork to another.

Latest models of furniture await you inside the yacht, with brand new looks and a great level of privacy. Made from expensive materials, everything is convertible. It comprises everything a crew needs, including extravagant headquarters for the owner and his guests, space for the crew business and every gadgetry a human needs.



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