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Tom Hardy Net Worth 2021 – How Rich is Tom Hardy?

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is a brilliant English actor and producer. Judging from the numerous films he starred in already, he is a total bad-ass and a highly successful movie star. His roles, even if they’re not the main ones all the time, are always impressive, and his abilities to portray some interesting characters are excellent.

I know that some of you only watch sweet, non-violent romantic comedies like This Means War, but you should definitely consider Mad Max: Fury Road or The Dark Knight Rises to see him in full action.

Although his career is quite young, Hardy got many good roles in some of the most popular movies of these last years, making a decent fortune along the way. Some sources estimate his net worth at a nice $45 million in 2021.

Early Life

Tom Hardy early life

Edward Thomas “Tom” Hardy was born on September 15, 1977, in Hammersmith, London, England as the only child of comedy and novel writer Edward Hardy and his mother Anne, who was a painter. His teen years were marked by alcoholism, drug addiction and delinquency, but despite that, he’s fought his inner demons and rose on top.

He went on to pursue his acting dreams and attended the Richmond Drama School, and subsequently continued studying acting at the renowned Drama Centre London. His extraordinary commitment helped him get over his past errant lifestyle and become the very talented actor he is today.

Film Career

Tom Hardy mad max

Tom Hardy’s film career had a strong debut with 2001’s highly acclaimed HBO war drama mini-series Band of Brothers and a small role in the epic war movie Black Hawk Down. The next year brought him a lot of international exposure with his role in Star Trek: Nemesis.

The rest of his first decade in the industry found him in titles such as the British films RocknRolla and Bronson, some BBC programs like A for Andromeda or Stuart: A Life Backwards and ended up with 2010’s Hollywood science fiction blockbuster Inception.

During the last years, he got praised for his incredible performances in 2011’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Warrior, but one of his best roles at that time was Batman’s toughest enemy, Bane, in The Dark Knight Rises, released in 2012.

His other most important roles were in Lawless (2012), the post apocalyptic themed Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), Legend (2015) and The Revenant (2015) in which he co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio. And Dunkirk also contributed to his massive on-screen success.

Other Work and Endorsement Deals

Tom Hardy taboo

Besides his wondrous work in the film industry, Tom Hardy has continued his prolific efforts on the small screen as well, producing, writing and acting in the 2017 mini series Taboo.

Apart from that, he’s used the fame his name has gathered and signed important endorsement deals with some well renowned brands. He has appeared in commercials for Hyundai, Kleenex and also in a motivational campaign for Nike.

Even if he’s not a fashion guy, Hardy co-designed a clothing line, the Blag menswear collection, which resembles his practical, non fancy approach to clothing.

Houses and Cars

Tom Hardy richmond house

The talented actor lives in Richmond, London, in a lovely $2.5 million house and drives an $160,000 Audi R8 Spyder luxury sports car.

Tom Hardy audi r8

If there’s more to his lifestyle and possessions, he doesn’t brag about them. He’s not your regular Hollywood star type of guy. He’s one of a kind.

Net Worth Over Time

Tom Hardy net worth

Since he’s a different breed of man, very few details about what he makes slipped by so far, but we’ll go further and assume that the main source of his $45 million net worth comes from movies, followed by TV productions and lastly his endorsement deals.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the rumors that he might be one of the possible choices for the next 007 agent James Bond. That for sure will have an impact on his net worth in the future.

Last update: January 2021.


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