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The Viks GT Bike is as Eye Catching as a Lamborghini

Viks GT Bike

Velonia Bicycles, a company based in Estonia that’s specialized in developing high-end bicycle frames and wheels, has just designed the world’s most eye catching urban cruiser. Called Viks GT, their newest project is an absolute stunner, handcrafted from an ultra light aluminium alloy, and inspired by the aggressive lines of the Lamborghini Huracan.

This new bike has the same geometry and size as regular Viks bicycles, although it’s a bold evolution, with sharp edges and amazing lines that we usually see on Italian supercars. The Viks GT took the Estonian workshop over three years to perfect, and it features the very same Giallo Midas paint-job some of the Lamborghini vehicles come in, to complete the wonderful look.

Viks GT Bike

Viks bicycles are usually hand-built with the aid of specialist stainless steel tubes, joints and laser cut parts; apparently 60 separate steel pieces are bent, welded and then sanded to make up one standard Viks frameset over the course of two days. Why do we say.. ‘frameset’?

Because these bikes come with a ‘double’ frame, which makes them even more appealing and unique, and there’s not even a need for the conventional seat tube. The clean and simple design seems to contrast a little bit with the exciting lines of the Italian supercar, but the obvious strength and powerful vibe is still there.

Viks GT Bike



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