Vertu Signature Pure Chocolate phone

While the name is enough to make a person want to drool, the luxury Vertu Signature Pure Chocolate phone can be best described as “delicious”. The Vertu smartphone design lives up to the hype and hoopla surrounding the name. The PVD stainless steel case is a yummy chocolate brown color.

There are soft brown leather accents covering parts of the phone including the ceramic pillow. The high-res display allows for easy visuals and the high-quality loudspeaker has dual sound ports.

Beautiful yet functional, the craftsmanship and finish of the Signature Pure Chocolate is apparent in a host of details; the SIM drawer is engraved with a unique Vertu pattern and the superbly engineered battery cover release is operated by a D-ring.

The phone will sell for a mere $16,600 and will be available at all Vertu stores and other luxury retailers.