Urwerk UR-110 ZrN Torpedo Timepiece

When we first saw this watch, we were like stunned. Nicknamed Champagne Supernova, the Urwerk UR-110 ZrN Torpedo watch is a piece to be remembered. The pale-gold hue bezel, results from the Zirconium Nitrite coating, that gives the watch a futuristic look, great scratch resistance and wear / corrosion protection.

The titanium-case back offers even more protection than the Nitrite, plus the surface was polished with sandblast. Its Swiss creators spent no expense when talking about this watch; it comprises even more gadgets: arrow-shaped torpedoes, orbiting satellites, oil-change and running seconds indicator.

This piece of luxury will only be sold in 12 pieces. There’s a huge headache to get one and the price is as high as its belongings. And we’ll wish you a big “Good Luck” in reading the hour on this timepiece.