Unique Watch-Themed Accessories by Swiss Brand TF Est. 1968

TF Est. 1968 is a Swiss company established in 2010 by Freddy Tschumi (born in 1968, hence the brand’s name). It specializes in quirky, unique products which range from watches to watch-inspired accessories.

The product being showcased here is a T-Mechanic roller ball pen equipped with a vertically-mounted watch mechanism, which is enclosed in a hermetically sealed, highly shock-resistant sapphire crystal. A Schmidt mechanism commands the roller ball pen tip or pencil lead, and it takes all types of refill. The pen comes in three versions: palladium, yellow gold-plated, or pink gold-plated.

Matching this interesting piece is a pair of watch-inspired T-Mechanic Open Side Cufflinks. Due to the fact that it is encased in a tube in PPMA glass with sapphire treatment, it reveals fragments of an authentic watch movement.