The Emperador Cigar Chest By Imperiali Genève

Emperador Cigar Chest

The Emperador cigar chest, designed by Imperiali Genève, looks more like a piece of art, rather than your standard cigar holder. And with a staggering price tag of one million Swiss francs (or exactly €921,055) the Emperador is more precious than anything else you’ve ever seen.

The exquisite cigar chest will be produced in the heart of Switzerland, using nothing but the most noble materials, and only 12 lucky owners will get to enjoy its exclusivity every year. It features a lovely humidor that’s 70 cm long, 45 cm wide and 30 cm high and it’s crowned by a luxurious tourbillon timepiece made up of 323 parts and a ‘Clous de Paris’ guilloché dial, courtesy of Swiss Jura.

Inside, the Emperador will hide 24 exceptional Grand Cru cigars, some of the world’s most expensive cigars, wrapped in four gold leaves and arranged in individual glass tubes, that will be protected inside this stunning work of art by a personal secret code.

Emperador Cigar Chest

The user will simply brush a finger over one of the nine touch buttons on the cover, spelling the name ‘Imperiali’, thus activating the integrated LCD display. Once that happens, the future owner of this beauty will enter his personal code using the golden touch buttons and may then enjoy the aroma and appeal of those refined cigars.

The cigar chest comes with three indicators with mechanical hands visible to the user, offering info about the relative humidity and temperature inside the chest, the power reserve and the number of cigars remaining.

Imperiali Genève equipped the chest with the world’s first self-regulating humidity system, which means that it will not require any kind of human intervention, guaranteeing a constant humidity level of 70% and a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, no matter what happens outside.

The accessories finish up this already impressive masterpiece: a fancy cigar cutter, a  table lighter and an ashtray which opens up whenever an Emperador cigar is brought near. I’m speechless!

Emperador Cigar Chest