Soaring to New Heights of Luxury – Etihad Airways` The Residence

We’ve recently showcased Etihad Airways` Business Studios and the great new flight experience these unique accommodations offer. But it seems the Emirati airline isn’t done impressing – so we present to you The Residence, probably the most luxurious way to fly.

Each Airbus A380 in the Etihad airfleet will have a boutique version of The Residence, a three-room private suite consisting of a living room, bedroom, and en suite bathroom, all located at the front of the upper deck of the airplane. As you might expect, these rooms are all luxurious and well-appointed even by 5-star hotel standards and even offer the services of a personal butler and a VIP travel concierge team.

The Residence will be available for booking on flights starting in January 2015. Expect roundtrip flight between Abu Dhabi to London to cost about $42,000.