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Savage Jungle, private island with 26 waterfalls for sale

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Are you willing to get as close to nature as possible, to enjoy a truly wild landscape and to breathe the cleanest air there is? This island located in Patagonia, Chile, is one of the best locations to find all these. Including 26 waterfalls, from tiny to 100-meter ones, and considering that the island will remain blocked to human intervention for a long time, the Savage Jungle Island is one of the few places on Earth where one can escape from the overcrowded cities and commune with Mother Nature itself.

The island is located inside the Magdalena National Park, so, the owner is making huge efforts to protect it from human harm. The 1325 hectares of the island are going to remain unharmed. The tropical forest covering the island is the main reason for this protection, only some small specific areas are meant to accommodate tourists and offer them bits of relaxation and silence, without disturbing the rest of the park. Tourism will be the main source of income, and for the next five-year period $110 million are expected to be risen.

Among the many waterfalls it comprises, there is one that has already been chosen to be the location of a future 5-star luxury hotel. The island provides easy access to the 790 sq miles of virgin rainforest, untouched natural space and absolutely extraordinary and breathtaking views. There are two rivers on the island, apart from the waterfalls, three lakes.

The island has a 10-year protection from intervention, the only exception being the owner; there are chances he keeps it like this to act as a different property, apart from any other, conserving the beauty of the spot. All these are available for a small sum, compared to the true value of the place, of only $3.6 million.


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  1. I know savage Jungle was sold for a 25 bungalow resort but I can’t find an ad for the resort. Are you able to provide that info?

  2. It appears he never found investors to fund the resort. He bought it for 8 million and is trying to sell for 3.6 million? I believe there is a clause that only the owner can enjoy the area for ten years before being allowed to build.

  3. Thank you for this information! I’d just see the episode he and his wife were on. I wonder if the sales agent didn’t know or purposely didn’t tell them they couldn’t build for ten years.

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