Let The Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console Entertain You

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 16 Oct 2017

Robbie Williams fans will most likely get the joke first, but let’s move on from that catchy song and focus on the subject at hand. Sonos is a name that is usually associated with high-quality sounds, wi-fi speakers and bespoke home sound systems, and for them to join hands with Wrensilva, another renowned company for audiophiles, that’s not really something we could have ignored. The result of this unique partnership

Bulgari Makes Every Divas’ Dream Come True


By Victor B on 16 Oct 2017

Just the mere mention of Bvlgari and ladies from all over the world will instantly get excited, expecting to see a rare and shiny treat. That’s exactly what’s going to happen today, as the Italian brand’s visionary director Virgilio Villoresi has just revealed the one-of-a-kind Divas’ Dream collection, offering gentlemen another reason to spend some money and spoil their significant other. Elegant and gracious, the exquisite jewelry pieces which make

Australia’s Silky Oaks Lodge is Ready To Heal Your Soul


By Victor B on 16 Oct 2017

If you’re looking for an escape from the ordinary city life, Queensland’s Silky Oaks Lodge might be one of the world’s best options. Hidden deep in the oldest living rainforest on our planet, this unique Australian retreat will get you as close as possible to nature, without letting go of your modern luxuries and treats. This magical resort is basically an oasis of luxury, complemented by an incredibly beautiful ecosystem, perched right on the

Limited-Edition Mini 1499 GT Honors a British Icon

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 15 Oct 2017

The Mini 1275 GT was the Cooper S of the ‘70s – at least that’s what some people are saying. British automobile designer Roy Haynes was in charge of this iconic project, restyling the entire front end of its predecessor and delivering two variations of the refreshed vehicle – the Mini Clubman, and the Mini 1275 GT – a fun little car that took over the world back then. Today, it’s been 46 years

Chicago’s 1000M Tower Could be Your Future Home

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 15 Oct 2017

Chicago has always been known for its stunning architecture, and it seems that next year will begin a new and exciting chapter for the Windy City. 1000M, an imposing 832-foot-tall glass tower, is all set to reshape the city’s skyline; designed by the award-winning architect and longtime Chicago resident Helmut Jahn, the 323-unit condominium will stand 74 stories tall above Lake Michigan and Grant Park. Interested buyers already have the opportunity to purchase one- to

The Top 10 Most Expensive Beers in the World

Luxury Lists

By Vlad C on 14 Oct 2017

Now this is an interesting subject for a great deal of people out there. Beer. We know you like it. We do as well. While this belief might go around that only champagne or wine are exclusive enough drinks to come with an extravagant price tag, it’s not entirely true. Beer is on this high-end market as well. And believe it or not, it doesn’t do bad at all. You

Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones Should Make Your Weekend

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 14 Oct 2017

Following two years of research and development, the Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones have finally landed. The most exclusive pair of headphones the American brand has ever built honors company founder Paul W. Klipsch and shows off a superb, vintage-looking, over-ear design, with many interesting details inside-out. First, the Klipsch Heritage HP-3 comes with diaphragms made from inorganic fiber and a substance called bio-cellulose, the advantage being the wide frequency range it can reproduce and a

Enrico Gobbi Designs The Stunning T42 Superyacht

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 14 Oct 2017

Italian yacht designer Enrico Gobbi has been pretty busy lately, working on a new 42-meter superyacht wonder, that was unveiled just a few days ago. Dubbed as the T42 concept, this sleek vessel was meant to be elegant and dynamic, with bold lines, soft curves, numerous windows and an optimal deck layout. Inspired by the proportions of a sports car, this motor yacht shows off a cool off-white and metallic