One-off Ferrari Enzo prototype for sale

One-off Ferrari Enzo prototype

A one-off Ferrari Enzo prototype has just been listed up for sale on the Modena Motorsport website. The one-off car is apparently the only working prototype of the Enzo Ferrari that has left the Ferrari factory and it comes with a factory certification from Ferrari to authenticate it.

The Enzo prototype it’s a 2000 model and it was bought directly from the Ferrari plant in Italy. It’s powered by a V12 engine unit which is able to produce 680 PS/670 bhp, 30  PS more than the production version of the Enzo, and very similar to Ferrari’s 1991 Formula One engine.

The car is a real collectors piece and will probably end up in a private collection. The asking price wasn’t mentioned in the listing but it’s probably going to be a lot since it’s a jewel for car collectors.

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