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The Royal Salute Regent Banquet is Old Enough To Drink

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 9 Oct 2017

Most people around the world can legally purchase and enjoy alcoholic beverages from 18 or 19 years old, but in the United States and a few other countries you have to wait until you turn 21 for that. Now, this was important to be clear before focusing on the subject at hand – the Royal Salute Regent Banquet festive gift packs. For those of you who don’t know this yet, Royal

Magic in a Bottle: Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Glenlivet 1943

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 6 Oct 2017

Independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail has decided to make our lives a lot better with the Private Collection Glenlivet 1943, a magical 70 year old offering that’s apparently one of the world’s oldest and most exclusive single malt whiskeys right now. Before you get too excited, you should know we’re talking about a very limited edition here, with pricing set at a cool £30,000 or around $40,000 per bottle. Just forty decanters are

Fashion and a Good Cause in a Bottle: Disaronno by Missoni

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 2 Oct 2017

Italian liqueur brand Disaronno will always make your day better, but today they’ve outdone themselves by introducing a limited edition fashion-inspired bottle, featuring a design imagined by the high-end fashion house Missoni. This is actually the fifth iteration in the brand’s fashion-inspired Icon collection, that was started back in 2013, and aims to add a nice taste to the current fashion trends. Considering the dynamic universe that revolves around the fashion world, we

Tokujin Yoshioka Designs a Baccarat Crystal Dom Perignon Case

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 28 Sep 2017

Here’s an interesting collaboration: the famed Japanese artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka has just imagined two very special bottles of Dom Perignon, with a wonderful case as well. As if the vintage Champagne brand wasn’t already known for offering people unique experiences with its delicious elixir, these limited edition bottles seem to give even more credit to the celebrated Champagne maker. Known for his breathtaking art installations and projects, Yoshioka has created a

The Minimalist Newton Espresso Maker is Old-School Cool

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 5 Sep 2017

If you love to start your days with a good cup of coffee, you will surely fall in love with this beauty. A true minimalist’s dream, the revolutionary Newton Espresso machine features a super clean and stylish design, that’s actually inspired by the good old days of coffee making. The best part – you don’t even need to plug in this espresso maker into an outlet, as the lever-press beauty before you

Have A Taste Of The Skyfall Gran Reserva Sparkling Wine

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 30 Aug 2017

There are thousands of reasons to visit Spain, and enjoying a sip of the wonderful Skyfall Gran Reserva can be easily added to that very long list. Created from a surprising blend of Macabeu, Parellada, Xarel-lo and Chardonna, this unique turquoise blue sparkling aromatic wine is made using only the finest natural ingredients, and produced in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, in Penedès – feel free to add this location to your future travel plans. The

If you love Strong Coffee, AnZa is a Concrete Espresso Machine

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 22 Aug 2017

That perfect cup of coffee that will get you up and going every single morning is no longer a dream – at least not one that requires a long drive or a time-consuming wait, while others order their favorite drink. The aesthetics of kitchen essentials have gone way beyond functionality and practicality these days, but the latest creation of the California-based design studio Montaag has re-imagined the traditional espresso machine in

The Float Tea Set Aims to Redefine Chinese Tea Philosophy

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 21 Aug 2017

There should be no doubt in your mind that the mesmerizing tea set before you is completely unique. Imagined by Ian Yen, the Float Tea Set is made of a minimalist teapot and matching teacups, designed with cast iron in mind, with this unconventional teapot featuring a full-moon-like handle and a straight pointing spout. The various nuances that result while pouring and sipping tea with, thanks to the lovely ink tones and polished surfaces