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Design Epicentrum Takes Lamborghini-Inspired Furniture To the Next Level

Design Epicentrum Lamborghini Desk

If you love Lamborghinis so much that you’d like to park one right inside your home or office, Design Epicentrum, an innovative furniture company from Poland, has recently come up with a limited edition collection of racing-inspired luxury desks and sofas, that look almost like the real deal.

The Lamborghini-style sofas represent a unique combination between the sports cars’ stunning lines and comfortable seats with bespoke leather upholstery. The standard color of Design Epicentrum’s racing sofas is a deep black, but customers could also get their upholstery in many different colors and they can even outfit this racing sofa with realistic headlights and backlighting with LED lights under the sofa.

The price for one of these extraordinary Lamborghini-style sofas starts from $9,800 and they’re produced in a limited series of just 44 numbered pieces, so you might need to hurry up.

Design Epicentrum Lamborghini sofa

We’ve already seen the Gallardo and Mucielago desks from Design Epicentrum, but the newest addition to the company’s unique collection of racing-inspired desks keeps in line with Lamborghini’s current models. We’re talking about a spectacular Lamborghini Aventador desk, a featuring the same streamlined shape, a glossy look and the supercar’s breathtaking lines.

This unique desk looks just like a realistic copy of the sport car’s front end and it could blend seamlessly in the decor of any automotive company or a high-end entertainment center. But don’t think this Aventador-style desk is only the perfect decor piece for your office; it’s also very functional, featuring several cupboards and drawers where you could store your documents and utensils.

Design Epicentrum Lamborghini Aventador desk

The Lamborghini-style desks from Design Epicentrum are made from fiberglass and a mix of the highest quality materials. They’re also highly customizable, and future customers are able to choose between 200 different colors for the hood, cupboards and drawers, and even the color of the brake discs, without any extra charges.

Moreover, there’s also the possibility to get a unique color scheme for the wheels or a custom glass shelf above the top or right above the car hood. The guys Design Epicentrum will also produce these stunning Aventador racing desks in a limited run of 44 units, each of them expected to cost at least $34,000 (30,000 Euro).

Design Epicentrum Lamborghini Desks


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