Crystograph iPad and iPhone 4 Swarovski Ice edition

Crystograph iPad and iPhone 4 Ice

Crystograph is a Korean-based company specialized in luxury goods that is now offering special Swarovski-studded Iphone 4 headsets and iPads which were called by the company as ICE editions. These luxurious gadgets are probably perfect for people who want a gadget with a bling makeover that’s still clean and stylish.

The bejeweled iPad Ice Edition comes with 12,000 fine Swarovski crystals embedded on its case while the stunning iPhone 4 Ice Edition features 2,700 Swarovski crystals on the back case. These special cases were designed by the renowned Korean designer Petria Kwon.

Crystograph will offer the Swarovski-studded iPhone in crystal or black diamond versions while the iPad will come in crystal moonlight.