Candice Swanepoel presents the new Victoria’s Secret lingerie

Candice Swanepoel VS Lingerie

Probably one of the most beautiful woman in the world at the moment and also one of the most popular Victoria’s Secret angels, Candice Swanepoel, was selected to present the new Victoria’s Secret lingerie line. As usual, the lingerie items from Victoria’s Secret redefine sexiness and Candice is probably the best girl to model these.

The new skimpy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret complements the beauty of probably any woman as we could easily see from these amazing photos. Candice is quickly becoming one of the most desired girls in the world and if we’re going to see more pictures like these, she will soon be in the top 10.

The lingerie from Victoria’s Secret is a bit more expensive than other lingerie brands but it’s definitely worth every single penny.