BlackBerry Swarovski Bold 9900 by Amosu Couture

The first BlackBerry Gold Swarovski Bold 9900 will be released by the 24th of October. Produced by Amosu Couture, the handset is fully-encased in Swarovski crystals, 650 counted, and deluxe plating with 24 carat gold. One can personalize it by adding the loved one’s name, or, why not, yours truly.

The fine work of art will be priced at around $2,620; there is also a silver version of the phone that costs $2460.

For the most extravagant and exigent types, Alexander Amosu has also released on the market solid 18 carat yellow or white gold handsets, for about $13,100, or, for even more appeal, they can have set in diamonds, with any color of choice, for prices starting at $23,100.