Ashton Kutcher’s Buys New Hollywood Hills Home

One of the most charismatic figures in the celebrity world today is Ashton Kutcher, really well known for his roles in a lot of popular movies and now for his role from Two and Half men.. Besides these, he has been hitting front pages lately by being the 500th man invited on the Virgin Galactic and divorcing Demi Moore.

But the most interesting thing he has accomplished recently is buying a 9,385 square foot single family residence high in the Hollywood Hills. Built in 2006, the home sits on a half-acre property and comprises a total of 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

The design of the estate is quite amazing, being absolutely covered in glass, in an obviously modern way. It also features an open plan, walls of glass, private movie theater, a lavish 2-people tub in the main bathroom, gym, massage room, a bar area and infinity pool.

The house comes with immensely beautiful views of the Hollywood lake. In fact, Kutcher is not a stranger to this particular residence. As stated in People magazine, he had been renting this gorgeous mansion during the divorce from Demi Moore. We’re not sure if it was because of the divorce itself, or simply because he fancies the particular style of this house.

There’s also some doubt regarding the price of the property, it being listed for $12 million initially, and then discounted to $10.8 million. The final acquisition price was reportedly $3.6 million, a whole lot lower than what we had expected at first.