Qatar Airways' QSuite Is The Revolution Everyone Loves

Qatar Airways’ QSuite Is The Revolution Everyone Loves


Qatar Airways plans to revamp their already impressive Business Class, unveiling an interesting concept called QSuite. Set to offer passengers a unique business-class product, that would make every single competitors feel a little bit envious, QSuite will feature both forward-facing and rear-facing seats and doors for some extra privacy.

It’s basically a luxurious partitioned suite, that will allow passengers to experience a private enclave throughout the flight. These suites are meant to be fully customizable, allowing even a double bed configuration to make your flight around the world way more comfortable than you’ve ever expected. Furthermore, adjustable panels and movable TV monitors may be taken out of the way in order to form a cozy social area.


According to the airline’s CEO, every single aircraft part of the company’s lineup will be eventually retrofitted with these new QSuites by 2018. As expected, there is more to this high-class style of flying than the unique seating, and Qatar Airways even plans to offer you hand-stitched Italian leather and cozy pajamas by The White Company.

Italy’s prestigious Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio will also come in with some interesting products, and you might even get the chance to enjoy them – if you can afford a flight in this all new level of Business Class..