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Luxurious New Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

Christian-Louboutin-Nail-Polish 3

By Boogie on 4 Aug 2014

Inspired by the celebrated Parisian shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s tallest heel, the Ballerina Ultima, the French fashion brand has released Rouge Louboutin, an exquisite, vibrant nail polish. The graceful bottle is clearly reminiscent of an item of Louboutin footwear, especially considering the designer’s signature feature is the shiny, red-lacquered sole he endows his shoes with. Moreover, the faceted glass makes

Alexander Wang and Haydenshapes Team Up to Create Eye-Catching Marbled Surfboards

Alexander-Wang-Haydenshapes-Surfboards 2
Tech & Leisure

By Boogie on 4 Aug 2014

Due to the nature of the sport and its attire (or lack thereof), surfing isn’t exactly associated with the world of fashion. This is about to change as acclaimed fashion designer Alexander Wang has recently teamed up with Australian surfboard company Haydenshapes in order to create five eye-catching marbled surfboards. More than just boards featuring unusual patterns, these exquisite items

Pegasus Suites & Spa, a Luxurious New Santorini Resort

Pegasus Suites & Spa Santorini 1

By Boogie on 4 Aug 2014

The island of Santorini offers some of the most beautiful natural surroundings in all the Aegean Sea, making it the perfect setting for a luxury resort. And indeed there’s no shortage of such spots on the island, one of the newest being the sumptuous Pegasus Suites & Spa. Opened just this year, the resort takes advantage of the place to

VistaJet to Supplement its Airfleet with a Number of Jets from Bombardier

VistaJet-New-Aircraft 1
Jets & Yachts

By Boogie on 4 Aug 2014

Swiss international business-aviation provider VistaJet has added five Bombardier Global 6000 jets to its airfleet, the move being completed at the beginning of the year. This brings the company’s airplanenumbers up to 42, with plans to add as many as 20 more from Bombardier by the end of the year. It’s definitely a sizeable investment, as each of these aircraft,

Hotel Aguas de Ibiza, for Those Who Prefer the Island’s Tranquil Side

Hotel-Aguas-de-Ibiza 2

By Boogie on 4 Aug 2014

Ibiza is a world-famous destination for party-people, but the White Island isn’t necessarily all about the nightlife. Hotel Aguas de Ibiza is a resort located in a quieter part of the island, perfect for families or people who just want to enjoy the sun and the sea. Its rural setting and the fact that it is owned by the local

Top 10 Best Adventure Travel Destinations

New Zealand
Luxury Lists

By Boogie on 3 Aug 2014

Most tourists and travelers usually look for comfort and safety when going on trips. But where’s the fun in that? you might ask. For those who prefer the excitement of discovery or the rush of adrenaline to lounging by the hotel pool, here’s a list of some of the world’s best adventure destinations: 10. Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier

New Details Released About the 164’ JFA Explorer Yacht Project

164-Explorer-Yacht-Project-by-JFA-Yachts 3
Jets & Yachts

By Boogie on 2 Aug 2014

JFA Yachts has recently revealed more details regarding their new 164’ Explorer Yacht project. Developed in collaboration leading UK-based yacht design studio Bill Dixon Design and French interior designer Franck Darnet, the vessel is markedly modern, while still maintaining a hint of classic elegance in its stylish lines and beautiful bow shape. The 164’ JFA was created to explore and

Brilliant Earth – Saving the Planet one Diamond Ring at a Time

Brilliant-Earth-Jewelry 1
Arts & Culture

By Boogie on 1 Aug 2014

With everything going on in various parts of the world, people are becoming more and more conscious to the fact some parts of our planet are deeply troubled and sometimes those problems are being fueled by seemingly innocent things like the demand for diamonds. This is where companies like Brilliant Earth come in. Brilliant Earth is a company founded by