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Zeno Cars Unveils New and Improved E10 S Model

Zenos-E10-S 1
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By Boogie on 3 Sep 2014

Zeno Cars has unveiled the new E10 S, an upgrade of the original E10 model. Powered by a mid-mounted turbo four-cylinder, 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine which churns out 250 bhp at 7,000 rpm and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque at 2,500 rpm, the vehicle boasts a significantly increased output compared to the naturally-aspirated E10, while maintaining its street-legal status. The

The Idyllic and Discreet St. James Paris Hotel

Saint-James-Paris-Hotel 19

By Boogie on 3 Sep 2014

Located in the fashionable 16th Arrondissement, St. James Paris is one of the French capital’s most beautiful establishments. The luxurious venue is the only chateau-hotel in Paris and is the epitome of the City of Lights` legendary style and elegance. Guest can choose from the 48 superb rooms and suites, each inspired by such figures as René Magritte or Elizabeth

Alienware to Release Powerful New Area-51 Desktop

Alienware-Area-51-Desktop-Gaming-System 11
Tech & Leisure

By Boogie on 3 Sep 2014

For almost two decades now, Alienaware, a Dell subsidiary, has been creating high-end setups for gamers who want the best performance possible from their computers. The latest in a line of great products (which includes both desktops and laptops) is the Area-51 desktop gaming system. Alienware’s new flagship features and eye-catching and innovative new chassis called the Triad, designed to

Fendi Furiosa is “The Essence of Wild Femininity”

Furiosa Fendi - The Essence of Wild Femininity

By Boogie on 3 Sep 2014

High-end Italian brand Fendi is introducing its new fragrance called Furiosa Fendi. Both its name (which is Italian and is exactly what it sounds like!) and its motto – “The Essence of Wild Femininity” – hint at the perfume’s wild and unconventional nature. The same idea is underscored in the product’s commercial presentation as well, with the posters and video

Piaggio to Deliver First New and Improved Avanti EVO Aircraft this October

Piaggio-Aero-Avanti-EVO 3
Jets & Yachts

By Boogie on 3 Sep 2014

Piaggio Aero, an aerospace company headquartered in Genoa, Italy, is set to release a new version of its Avanti II twin turboprop by the end of the year. Named the Avanti EVO, the aircraft was showcased during this year’s EBACE, held in Geneva, Switzerland. Based on the Avanti P.180, the airplane features a series of improvements which boost its efficiency

The Midual Type 1 Luxury Motorbike Set to Be Released in 2016

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Cars & Bikes

By Boogie on 3 Sep 2014

French motorcycle manufacturer Midual has announced the release of new high-end bike aimed not so much at adrenaline junkies, but at those seeking a stylish and luxurious ride. The Midual Type 1 comes with a 1036 cc flat-twin engine which outputs 104 hp and 100 Nm (73 lbs-ft) of torque. An aluminum monocoque frame holds the fuel, while the suspension

Top 10 Biggest Shopping Malls in the World

SM Megamall
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By Boogie on 2 Sep 2014

While Western society is generally regarded as being highly focused on consumerism, it’s the booming economies of Asia that have generated the world’s largest shopping centers. The vast majority of these gigantic malls have been built in recent years in countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, and – unsurprisingly – China. The following is a list of the biggest malls in

Aston Martin Ships First New Lagonda to Oman

Aston-Martin-Lagonda-Oman 3
Cars & Bikes

By Boogie on 2 Sep 2014

A little over a month ago, we’ve told you about Aston Martin aims to revive the Lagonda marque, however nothing solid had been released yet. One of the few things known was the fact that the new model would be created for the high-end Middle Eastern market. Now, finally, the first images of the new Lagonda have surfaced as one