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Amsterdam Away from the Canals


By Adrian

Posted 12 Aug 2015 5:04 pm

When you think of Amsterdam, you instantly think of canals, the Red Light district and “coffee” shops, right? Perhaps tulips, clogs and windmills might ring some bells, too. Well, there’s plenty more to this charming port town to be discovered in hidden nooks and crannies and away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. If you’re planning on a summer jaunt to the Dutch hotspot, get all of the stress out of the way early on by booking online. Flybe offer low-cost flights from the UK as well as invaluable tourist information and advice, while sites like Hotel

Modified BMW ‘r nineT’ By JSK Can Handle Anything


By neo

Posted 12 Aug 2015 4:23 pm

The talented team at JSK custom design has come up with this intriguing motorcycle, a modified scrambler based on the wonderful BMW ‘r nineT’. Dubbed as the ‘Chocolate Slider’, the heavily customized bike has stayed true its classic theme, while looking robust enough to handle both streets and dirt roads. For that to be a true statement, the team from JSK relocated the exhaust up over the valve covers, right after adding a special thermo wrapping to the bike made from carbon fiber to shield the rider’s legs from high temperatures. The engine oil cooler was also moved up right

Discover the beauty of Florence at the charming Hotel Brunelleschi

Hotel Brunelleschi 0

By neo

Posted 11 Aug 2015 4:15 pm

Set in a gorgeous Byzantine Tower called Torre della Pagliazza and overlooking the beautiful Florence Cathedral, Hotel Brunelleschi offers some of one of the most incredible accommodations we’ve laid our eyes on. Taking its name from the famous architect Filippo Brunelleschi, who also designed the enchanting tower where this hotel is located, this luxury lodge is the perfect starting point for an unforgettable vacation in Florence. In a city filled with unparalleled beauty, amazing history and culture, this stunning hotel surely doesn’t disappoint, offering a one of a kind experience and mixing a classic look with modern luxuries. Guests have

Sailing Yacht Rox Star Is Worthy Of High Praise

Rox Star 1

By neo

Posted 11 Aug 2015 2:38 pm

Few sailing yachts will leave one speechless, and the recently introduced 39.90 meter sailing yacht Rox Star will do exactly that. Showing off an intriguing mix of traditional Turkish-built quality and contemporary superyacht design, the Rox Star yacht has been imagined with the most exciting sailing experience in mind. Designed in-house by the Bodrum-based Oguz Marin, Rox Star features a sleek pearlescent black hull, with matching sails and a classic deck house. Somewhat resembling the Black Pearl, this vessel comes with vast exterior deck space, divided into separate areas dedicated to socializing, sunbathing and much more. For instance, the main

The Rimowa F13 Is An Ancient Aircraft In A Modern World


By neo

Posted 11 Aug 2015 1:22 pm

I don’t know about other people, but I’m usually more impressed by older creations, designs and inventions. I’m fascinated by what those people managed to achieve with so few technologies helping them in their efforts. Once I got my eyes on this beautiful aircraft, I knew my life will change forever. Rimowa got their hands on the design plans of the Junkers F13, the world’s first all-metal transport aircraft that first flew in 1919 and they’ve created a stunning replica of the beautiful classic, dubbed as Rimowa F13. A tribute to the original Junkers F13, which kickstarted the passenger aviation

The Bovet Fleurier Amadeo Is One Exclusive Flower


By neo

Posted 11 Aug 2015 12:53 pm

Designed for Only Watch 2015, the unique Bovet Fleurier Amadeo is based on a previously unreleased model from Bovet. Set to appear in the watchmaker’s 2016 collection, this timepiece is set in Bovet’s convertible Amadeo case, allowing the watch to be whatever you need it to be: either a reversible wristwatch, a table clock or a pendant necklace. As you could imagine, its reversibility makes this piece  truly unique, which is why it features two very distinctive faces, one of them coming with a gorgeous pink-hued guilloché dial, whilst the other offers a miniature painting of a pair of doves. This

This Awesome Lamborghini Aventador Is Beyond Futuristic


By neo

Posted 11 Aug 2015 12:22 pm

Back to the Future II imagined we’ll have self-tying shoes, flying cars and hover boards by 2015 and if those awesome things aren’t quite here yet, we could just drool over this futuristic Lamborghini Aventador instead, refined by the guys from SR Auto Group. Featuring a striking exterior with wonderful decals and a gorgeous baby blue color, this Aventador probably sits on the most amazing set of wheels we’ve ever seen, these PUR RS05 Bespoke Matte Mag Blue alloys looking like they came straight from the future. These monoblock wheels measure 20×9 up front and 21×12.5 in the back. This

This London Church Conversion Is incredible and for sale!


By neo

Posted 11 Aug 2015 11:47 am

It doesn’t really matter if you’re the religious type or not, because we’re sure you will be completely mesmerized by this jaw dropping London church conversion. You don’t see everyday a Gothic church building transformed into a decadent set of digs, that’s why I’m really curious what you people have to say about this interesting project. This one of a kind luxury mansion from London is all kinds of awesome, and it’s up for the grabs – if you happen to have around $15.5 million in your bank accounts. I, for one, feel a bit estranged by the fact that

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