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Sit down, relax and enjoy the Best of Luxatic. Our luxury lists section ranks the best of the best, the most expensive and the most amazing things in the world, with thoroughly researched articles, filled with awe-inspiring photos, and the latest details on every single topic. It’s easy to see why thousands of connoisseurs (just like you) come here every day to enjoy the best in luxury.

The 10 Most Expensive Handbag Brands in the World

Luxury Lists

By Lau V on 10 Feb 2017

Handbags, purses, clutches, totes, or whatever you may call them, these fashion items are essential for every single woman out there. They come in various shapes, sizes, styles and colors, are there are so many brands from all over the world making handbags, that it’s incredibly hard to pick just one favorite. Some handbags are designed for high-end fashion andFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

The 15 Most Luxurious Wedding Venues

Luxury Lists

By Lau V on 26 Jan 2017

We’re sure every single girl or woman dreams about having the perfect wedding; it could be on the beach, in a breathtaking setting at a world-class resort, or in a medieval castle from Europe, at a charming farm, or in a luxurious hotel far, far away from home. The possibilities are probably endless, but these are some of the best wedding venues moneyFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Stud, Progency Fees and Sales: The Most Expensive Horses Ever

Luxury Lists

By Adrian P on 20 Jan 2017

When you think of Horse Racing, you think of money. The amount of money to be made within all the different verticals of the sport is astonishing. Everyone from the Jockeys, to the Breeders, to the Horse Sponsors, to the Television companies, to the punters (should they guess the right result) make money. It is indeed a luxury industry andFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

9 Incredible Jewerly Pieces And Collections Unveiled In 2016

Luxury Lists

By Victor B on 6 Jan 2017

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, that’s why men always go that extra mile to surprise them with the most precious accessories that would compliment their beauty. But fine craftsmanship and an incredible attention to the finest details will always come with a higher cost, and today you’ll have the privilege to look at some of the finest jewelry collections orFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

These Are The 10 Most Eye Catching Watches of 2016

Luxury Lists

By Victor B on 5 Jan 2017

There are moments in life when time seems to stand still, but 2016 went by so fast that we cannot believe it is already over. Every second counts, which is why time shouldn’t be wasted with anything unimportant and trivial but.. how exactly do you tell time? Well, the list below should help with that and also mesmerize you with theFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

10 Exquisite Drinks We’ve Featured On Luxatic In 2016

Luxury Lists

By Victor B on 4 Jan 2017

The time has come to toast and be thankful for the passing year, with all those great memories and wonderful events that have made it special. So, gather your friends, family and close ones to enjoy only the most subtle, refined and incredible liquids unveiled last year. Have a drink on me! 10. NYC Billionaire Margarita The London Bar in New YorkFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

10 Mind Blowing Homes Listed For Sale In 2016

Luxury Lists

By Victor B on 3 Jan 2017

My home! We love saying it, we love bragging about it and most of all, we love owning it. That feeling when you finally have your own place is totally unique, and… if you’re wealthy enough you can probably afford to buy or even build from scratch your own dream home. This year was a good one for anyone out there looking forFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

The 10 Best Things In Our Tech & Leisure Section In 2016

Luxury Lists

By Victor B on 2 Jan 2017

There are many interesting gadgets and innovative products out there, trying to get your full and undivided attention right now. If you have deep pockets, or loaded bank accounts, you’ll be able to purchase whatever your heart desires, that’s why this list is supposed to give you a couple of ideas on what you never knew you wanted. These are the 10 best thingsFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →