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The 10 Most Expensive Jeans Ever Sold

The top ten most expensive jeans brands 00001

By lau

Posted 30 Jul 2015 5:23 pm

I’m sure it’s safe to say we all love jeans – comfortable, durable and pretty cool, jeans have become one of the world’s most popular pieces of clothing, perfect for basically any occasion not requiring formal attire. There are literally a ton of options to choose from right now, but some jeans are better than others and not even all denims created by the same manufacturer are equal. The world’s most expensive jeans could be worth well over a couple of hundreds of dollars but you pay for quality, comfort and exquisiteness, the finest pairs of jeans featuring the bestREAD MORE »

The most expensive currencies in the world today

The most expensive currencies in the world today 00001

By lau

Posted 23 Jul 2015 2:24 pm

Although the currencies mostly used in foreign exchange markets are the USD, GBP and Euro, most countries around the world have their own currencies and some of them even surpass the value of the three mentioned above. Let’s take a look at the world’s most expensive currencies at the moment, comparing them to the US dollar and trying to find out why they are this pricy. From dollars to francs, pounds and dinars, this list has everything, including today’s currency exchange rates. 9. Bahamian Dollar The Bahamas is a small island country in the Lucayan Archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean whichREAD MORE »

The 10 Most Expensive Knives in the World

Top ten highest priced knives in the world 00001

By lau

Posted 21 Jul 2015 3:06 pm

Ever since the dawn of time, knives have been in any man’s arsenal, guiding his passage from wilderness to civilization. Today this wonderful tool is mainly used for cooking but there are also hunting knives and knives made for practical uses like the Swiss army knife. We also have things like the key shaped pocket knife or the knife pistol which, although they have no real purpose, still prove how beloved knives are right now. Today we’ll show you the 10 most expensive knives in the world, which are so ridiculously expensive due to their rarity, decorations, the cutting edgeREAD MORE »

The 10 Most Expensive Watch Brands in the World

The top ten most expensive watch brands in the world 00007

By lau

Posted 20 Jul 2015 6:15 pm

Ever since the 16th century when they were first introduced, wristwatches have become an essential accessory and even a fashion statement for both men and women. Their design, features and mechanisms have evolved a lot over time, with a lot of brilliant watchmakers creating timepieces that could be easily considered works of art. Today we’ll take a look at the world’s most expensive watch brands right now, with prices ranging from a couple of thousands to way over one million dollars for a one off piece. Featuring the finest materials, extremely delicate mechanisms and high grade gemstones, carefully put togetherREAD MORE »

The Ten Most Expensive Coffee Blends in the World

The ten most expensive coffee brands in the world 00005

By lau

Posted 19 Jul 2015 6:08 pm

Whether you drink a quick espresso before work or a long cappuccino in a lazy Sunday, coffee has become one of the most appreciated drinks nowadays. A necessity for some and a real treat for others, enjoying a coffee is probably the best way to start your day, with all sorts of interesting blends out there, meant to please each and every one of us. Today coffee is business worth billions of dollars, cultivated in over seventy countries around the world in a lot of different varities, ranging from the common Arabica or Robusta to exquisite mixes like the onesREAD MORE »

The most Expensive Pizzas in the World

The most expensive pizzas in the world 00005

By lau

Posted 17 Jul 2015 3:40 pm

Let’s face it… we all love pizza! One of the most popular foods in the world, pizza can be found in almost every corner of the world nowadays, in a ton of interesting varieties, with a lot of different ingredients mixed together to get an awesome pizza for everyone. It’s quite easy to find out new combinations for pizzas, that’s why a lot of chefs around the world have tried their best to create the ultimate pizza out there. The most expensive pizzas in the world include exquisite additions such as truffles, caviar and even gold and diamonds, that’s whyREAD MORE »

The 10 most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Top ten most expensive restaurants in the world 00003

By lau

Posted 14 Jul 2015 8:22 am

We all enjoy a fancy dinner at our favorite restaurants from time to time, but if you want to go to the next level, you should try out a completely unique dining experience, at some of the world’s best Michelin-starred restaurants, which obviously comes at a cost. From the Big Apple to California, Tokyo and Paris, the world’s most prestigious restaurants are led by award winning chefs, who designed for us some of the world’s most beautiful and of course, most delicious courses in the world. With amazing locations, incredible views and excellent service, these restaurants are the best ofREAD MORE »

Top Ten Most Expensive Desserts in the World

Top ten most expensive desserts in the world 00008

By lau

Posted 10 Jul 2015 6:09 pm

Everyone deserves a treat from time to time and there’s nothing better than something sweet and tasty: cookies, cake, icecream, you name it – as long as it has sugar in it, it’s going to be perfect, especially after a fine meal. Some desserts are more expensive than other, that’s why today we’ll take a look at the priciest desserts ever made. Drizzled with edible gold, featuring rare ingredients and even dipping with diamonds, the world’s most expensive desserts could go from thousands to millions. If you want to spoil yourself with an extravagant dessert, this is probably as goodREAD MORE »

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