Goslings unveiled The World's Most Exquisite Rum Package

Goslings unveiled The World’s Most Exquisite Rum Package

Goslings Black Seal Rum

Jack Sparrow, where are you? Gosling Brothers Limited, or simply Goslings, a renowned Bermuda company specialized in blending and distributing unique flavors of rum, has just unveiled the world’s most exquisite rum package. Set to be incomparable and featuring a unique decanter, the Goslings Black Seal Rum reminds us of the timeless marriage between seamanship and rum.

This particular rum has made the Bermuda-based company an icon among sailors worldwide for centuries, and since the America’s Cup takes place in Bermuda this year, Goslings has decided to come up with something truly exceptional for the famous sailing event. Established on the island since 1806, Goslings is the largest and oldest export business in Bermuda, so any of their limited-editions rums are well worth the attention.

Goslings Black Seal Rum

A serial-numbered, handmade wooden chest houses a 750 ml bottle of the prized rum, which in turn is housed by a gorgeous, handmade, crystal decanter. Designed to replicate a smaller version of the America’s Cup “Auld Mug“, this unique decanter will be a conversation starter for years to come. The exclusive package will also include a solid glass stopper for the decanter, a leather book describing the entire fabrication process and a small tasting journal.

Last, but not least, the leather-lined, polished wooden chest was crafted by Moran’s Wood Components in England, while the decanter is the beautiful work of Dartington Crystal. By the way, only 166 of these heirlooms have been produced, each of them set to cost $10,000.

Goslings Black Seal Rum

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