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If you love fine dining, exquisite cigars and premium liquors, there’s no place better for you than our Food, Cigars & Drinks section. Enjoy a unique taste of luxury here, discovering the newest cigars, the most expensive and probably the most delicious eats, plus a refreshing selection of cocktails and many other excellent drinks. You’re in for plenty of fun!

If you love Strong Coffee, AnZa is a Concrete Espresso Machine

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 22 Aug 2017

That perfect cup of coffee that will get you up and going every single morning is no longer a dream – at least not one that requires a long drive or a time-consuming wait, while others order their favorite drink. The aesthetics of kitchen essentials have gone way beyond functionality and practicality these days, but the latest creation of the California-based design studio Montaag has re-imagined the traditional espresso machine in

The Float Tea Set Aims to Redefine Chinese Tea Philosophy

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 21 Aug 2017

There should be no doubt in your mind that the mesmerizing tea set before you is completely unique. Imagined by Ian Yen, the Float Tea Set is made of a minimalist teapot and matching teacups, designed with cast iron in mind, with this unconventional teapot featuring a full-moon-like handle and a straight pointing spout. The various nuances that result while pouring and sipping tea with, thanks to the lovely ink tones and polished surfaces

Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs is a Marvel 20 Years in the Making

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 18 Aug 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, Perrier-Jouët has just unveiled a new Blanc de Blancs cuvée, an exquisite Champagne that’s crafted entirely from white grapes – the brand’s first in 20 years. Known for its distinctive floral signature, the French Champagne maker plans to charm everyone with this new limited-quantity cuvée, that comes in a transparent bottle revealing the mineral freshness, vivacity, and purity of the Chardonnay grape. This is actually the second Blanc de Blancs creation by

Start The Day with the illy X1 Anniversary Edition

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 17 Aug 2017

Anyone in the mood for a good cup of coffee? The illy X1 could help you with that, especially now that the Italian brand has just announced a special anniversary edition of its renowned X1 espresso machine. The story of the X1 started back in 1996, when the Luca Trazzi-designed machine took over the world with its incredible shape and functionality and now, more than 20 years later, it gets a whole

The Ritz Carlton Macau Offers a Bulgari-Themed High Tea

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 10 Aug 2017

Fashion and high tea have always gone well together, although just a few people realize it. Who said that a few centuries ago, during the Victorian era, people were all about sophisticated conversation and new visions on life and the universe in general? Those naive stories are for the history books and children’s fairy tales. The truth of the matter is that men would often meet for a tea to show

Magnum of Cuvée Carbon Champagne by the House of Devavry

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 29 Jul 2017

Champagne lovers will be excited to hear that the House of Devavry will allow a limited edition Magnum of Cuvée Carbon Champagne to leave their premises and excite their pallets with a very unique taste. Set to cost a cool $2,900, the 1.5 liter Carbon Champagne – a Grand and Premier Cru blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes – stands out of a crowd in the best of ways.

Patrón and Guillermo del Toro Will Tease your Taste Buds

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 28 Jul 2017

Oscar-nominated and celebrated Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro, the man behind popular Hollywood productions such as Hellboy or Pacific Rim, has joined forces with the acclaimed brand Patrón Tequila to imagine a unique tequila and liqueur set. The collaboration between Patrón and the renowned film director led to an exquisite package, comprised of two bottles of extraordinary blends of Patrón-aged spirits. Guillermo del Toro  designed a matte black cover that

Urban Goodness: The Hennessy V.S Limited Edition by JonOne

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 19 Jul 2017

Anyone who has heard of the urban art pioneer JonOne probably knows that he’s one of the most talented artists out there right now. As such, it should come as no surprise that Hennessy has decided to team up with the American graffiti artist for a special bottle design of the brand’s new V.S Limited Edition. The Hennessy V.S Limited Edition is the 7th time the brand has collaborated with internationally