Dior à Versailles, Côté Jardins - High Jewellery at its best

Dior à Versailles, Côté Jardins – High Jewellery at its best

Dior à Versailles, Côté Jardins

Released just a few days ago, the mesmerizing Dior à Versailles, Côté Jardins is the second high jewellery collection imagined by the renowned French jeweller Victoire de Castellane, a new exquisite line that was actually inspired by the luxurious private estate of Queen Marie-Antoinette.

To be more precise, it was inspired by the unique architectural layout of the gardens for which Versailles was so popular – and still is, to this day. Dior’s new haute couture creation honors the royal estate’s sophistication, complimenting its huge flower beds, groves and parterres, lovely little pools, statues, and stony walkways, in a ravishing way – we’re sure the queen herself would have loved these incredible pieces.

Dior à Versailles, Côté Jardins

What does it take to create such a mesmerizing collection? Well, for starters, a necklace composed of a large variety of precious stones reproduces the geometric flower beds, while a superb ring, decorated with a sunshine yellow diamond, adds a natural vibe to the air. Dazzling earrings come as unique fashion statements instead of pairs in Dior’s newest high jewellery collection.

Water jets of diamonds, emerald pathways and multicolored sapphire flowers, embedded with incredible attention to detail, tourmalines and rock crystals reproducing the imperceptible movement and water, and many other extraordinary details will seduce probably anyone who dares to take a closer look at these alluring creations. The best haute joaillerie ateliers in Paris have transformed each of these jewels into a time capsule to an era when outrageous luxury was the daily routine.

Dior à Versailles, Côté Jardins